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Why can’t I see the birthday subscription section on my thank you page?

Oh no! Your birthday collection section isn't working. That's not good. Here's what might be going on & how you can fix it.

First thing: check that your thank you page template has a birthday subscription section on it (seems obvious, but just to be sure)

Second thing: check to ensure that your thank you page section is not set to 'hidden'.

If your birthday section still doesn't appear, it may be because a customer previously submitted their birthday to you.

ReConvert doesn't show the birthday section to customers who've previously submitted, to avoid creating duplicate birthdays in your system. (pretty clever, huh?)

How to Check if a Customer Already Submitted Their Birthday

Birthday information is stored in the customers section of your Shopify store. So what you can do is search for the customer & see if they have a note attached to them with their birthdate.

Alternatively, you can review everyone who's submitted a birthday by CSV. To do this go to ReConvert Dashboard -> Thank You Pages -> Birthdays -> Export.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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