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How to add product comments to your thank you page

Ecommerce studies have shown that high reviews are a major factor that influences people to choose a higher-priced option. If someone provides positive feedback on a product, another person is very likely to buy it. ReConvert's Product Comments feature will allow you to ask your customer a question about a product they have just purchased. This question will appear below every product (in case the customer ordered multiple products).

Question Example: What did you like about this product?

What's amazing about this feature is that you:

Get 10x more responses than asking for feedback at a later date.
Know exactly why customer's bought what they did.
Sharpen your marketing by learning customer sentiments and language.
Use these comments in your store/emails/other campaigns to power-up your conversion rate.

Enabling product comments

To enable this feature, you need to take the following steps, which are also shown on the GIF below:

1️⃣ Access the General Settings section on your Reconvert Menu.

2️⃣Click Product Comments

3️⃣Select the Enable product comments checkbox

The Comments Box will then appear on your page builder, similar to how the customer should see it on the Thank you Page.

Here are the options available on the Product Comments Menu:

Enable/Disable product comments
Customize the question you want to ask your customers (placeholder text)
Customize the button text, text color and background color
Edit the “thank you message” and the thank you message color
Edit the “error message” and the error message color

📝 NOTE: Once product comments are enabled, the widget will keep appearing until the customer submits an answer, after that the widget will be replaced by the answer.

How to view customer comments

To view your product comments go to the Thank You Pages option on your Dashboard, you will then see a Product Comments​ section.

As seen below, you also have the option to export the comments on a CSV file.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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