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How to add a pop-up with timer to your Shopify thank you page

The Pop-Up with Timer feature lets you create a special, time-sensitive offer for customers who have just completed a purchase.

Some benefits of adding this section are:

Research has shown that limited-time offers are based on a psychological phenomenon known as “fear of missing out” (FOMO) in which refers to the anxiety one may get not being able to experience the thrilling occurrence elsewhere.
It can be utilized as an effective tool to test a new product or service you’re hoping to roll out permanently. If it's a hit on the pop-up it is very likely you can push it as a normal purchase too.
Offering daily deals on your website helps your customers see that your site is a place where a bargain can be found.

Adding The Section:

To add this feature, you need to take the following steps, which are also shown below

1️⃣ Go to your Thank You Page builder by clicking the Thank You Pages dropdown as seen below.

2️⃣ Select Customize to open a thank you page

NOTE 📝 You can also access the Thank You Page from the Funnel Editor

How to Open the Thank You Page From the Funnel Editor

3️⃣ Click General Settings

4️⃣ Select Pop-Up With Timer

Understanding the Section Menu

Pop-up preview button - you can click this button to show Pop-up preview.

Enable Pop-up - this activates the pop-up on your thank you page

Select the criteria under which the pop-up appears:

On Every Impression - every time the customer visits your page
Once per customer - customer sees the pop-up once and never again
Once per order - the customer sees the offer each time they make an order

For the difference between orders and impressions, read this article.

💡 TIP: we suggest you choose the once per order option, as you don't want your customer to see a "special offer" every time they reload the page.

Free text editing option. With all the text features (bold, italic, underline, etc.)

Background color - you can select the pop-up background color

Free text - you can add any text, links, GIFs and images to show in pop-up

Pop-up delay (how long to wait before displaying the section).

Redirect store handle - you can change the link in the store the popup button directs to

📝 NOTE: Use a relative link, no need to paste the full URL
Example: For the URL: Write: '/collections/best-sellers'

Open in a new window - check it to open the link in a new window when clicking the button

📝 NOTE: Not recommended when checked the popup might get blocked by adblocks and some browsers

Adjusting the Timer Settings

Timer duration - you can change the number of minutes until the timer runs out and the coupon will expire

📝 NOTE: Make sure to give enough time for customers to finish checkout (minimum of 20 minutes recommended)

Timer text color - you can change the timer text color
Timer background color - you can change the timer background color

Adjusting the Discount Settings

Automatic - you can select the discount type and the discount value. Also you can apply free shipping here.
Pre-made - you can change the discount code

📝 NOTE: You can apply only one option in this section, a discount or free shipping.

Adjusting the Button Settings

Decline button text
Decline button background color
Decline button text color
Accept button text
Accept button background color
Accept button text color

Bottom bar settings:

Enable reminder bar
Bottom bar preview button
Text before discount
Text after discount
Text after timer (call to action)
Close button text
Bottom bar text color
Accept Button color

Here's what a Pop-Up section will look like on your Thank You Page.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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