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How to add social media links

If you've got a strong social media presence, ReConvert has the perfect tool to channel your customers to your socials. Having your social media links on your Thank You page gives you the opportunity to gain more followers. You want them to know that you are active on social media. It will help create legitimacy, trust and open the door for communication.

Adding the section

1️⃣ Click the add section option on either your Right Area menu on your Page Builder.

2️⃣ Select Social Links

🎨Available styles

You can choose up to 4 icon styles as demonstrated below:

Logo only:
Round Edge:

📃List of Supported Platforms

Currently, 8 social media platforms are supported:

By default, when adding the social profiles links widget, all 8 social media platforms will show up, and will link to the thank you page.
In order to remove a social media option, simply delete the “#” sign. For the ones you do want to add, just replace the “#” sign with a link to the relevant social profile.

🖼Custom Icons

There is also an option to Add a custom icon in case you’re using other social media platforms, such as Whatsapp, VKontakte, WeChat, etc.

Adding a custom Icon:

In the social links section inside the control panel, scroll all the way down and click the “Add more” button.

Fill in the social media platform’s name
Fill in the link to your profile
Upload the icon image by clicking Select logo button
After completion click the 'save' button

📝 Note: be aware that this icon will not automatically change if you change the icons style.

You can always edit all the fields by clicking the 'Edit' link in the top right corner next to the custom icon.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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