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What are slots and widgets? | Shopify

What are slots and widgets?

In this article, you will understand what widgets and slots are, how they work, and how to use them.

First, some definitions:

Slots- these are containers of one or more widgets, placed in a specific location on a store page (for example: below the products in the cart on the checkout page).

Widgets- these are specific elements that can be added to a slot and through that to a page (for example: product upsell, product recommendations, etc).

Next, let's understand the hierarchy:

Conditions are placed inside pages
Slots are created inside conditions, each slot represents a specific location on the page
Widgets are grouped inside slots

Each slot can contain one or more widgets.

You can place a slot on a page through your store pages once, and this will be it's location until you move it. Conditions don't change the slot's location, they only change the widgets inside the slot.

In Shopify, you can create up to 10 slots per page, learn about them here.

Creating slots and widgets

Creating your slot:

To create a slot, click one of the Create a slot buttons:

Creating a slot

Once your slot is created, the first widget for this slot will be automatically created, and you will be redirected to the ReConvert Editor:

Widget created

You can edit your widget and add more widgets, before saving and navigating back to the Flow Builder page.

Back on the Flow Builder page, you will see your slot with its widgets created:

Slot with a widget

At this point, on Shopify you need to add your slot to the page in the Shopify Editor, by clicking Place your slots in the Shopify editor:

If your store is on Wix- you can skip this step, your slot is already placed on the page!

Place your slots in the Shopify editor

The learn how to place your slots, see our article on placing your slots on the Shopify editor.

You can edit the widgets for this slot, by clicking the widgets card, and then clicking the Edit Widgets button on the actions menu:

Edit widgets

This will take you back to the ReConvert Editor to edit your widgets for the slot.

You can delete the widgets attached to this slot by clicking the Delete widgets button on the actions menu:

Delete widgets

Once you delete the widgets, your slot will become empty, and you can re-add widgets to it or completely delete the slot:

Empty slot

When your slot is empty, we will automatically check if it contains widgets in the next condition is met.

If there are widgets in one of the conditions- these widgets will be displayed for this slot.

If there are no widgets in any of the conditions- this slot will remain blank, and nothing will be displayed to the customers.

When you delete the slot- it is deleted from all conditions in the page, so do that with caution.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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