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When creating your first collar, you will have one funnel and one thank you page for funnel.
The funnel will have the status "Default" and the thank you page too.

Funnel status

Scrolling down the page below you will see the status of the thank you page.

Thank you page status

Next, if you want to change some thank you page in your funnel, you can create a new thank you page. By default, the new page will have a "Draft" status.

New thank you page status

But as soon as you attach it to your funnel or other funnel, its status will change to "Live".

Status after attachment to the funnel

All the next funnels you create will be enabled by default. But you can turn them off simply by toggling toggle.

Next funnels statuses

And lastly, if you have disabled the application, then all the funnels will not change their status, they will simply become transparent and you will need to enable the application to activate them. And thank you pages will have the status "App disabled".
You can see how the funnels look when the application is disabled in the screenshot below.

And this is how the thank you pages look like.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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