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ReConvert Order editing

Hey, this article will assist you with order editing.

After an order is placed, you can edit it by adding or removing items, and adjusting item quantities.

For example: A customer orders clothing in your store and the order includes 2 jackets and 1 shirt. However, at checkout, the customer decides to add another shirt to their order - this will edit the existing order and result in the final order being 2 jackets and 2 shirts.

Once an order is edited the total cost of the order will be updated and include the changes made to the order.

Editing orders can affect the following sections in your Shopify store:
Fulfillment & Fulfillment services
Risk analysis
Accelerated checkouts
Local currencies

Read more here.

Please Note: If the currency of the order is not your default store currency, then ReConvert cannot edit the order. Therefore a new order will be created.

When ReConvert creates a new order (because of a limitation by Shopify) you have the option to cancel the 2 orders and to create only 1 order.
To do so please:

Contact merchant
Refund the orders
Create a new draft order or edit the original order with a new product
Email an invoice in the customer's local currency

Please Note the following:

If the order was fulfilled, ReConvert can’t edit the order and a new order will be created instead.
If the customer used a manual payment method, ReConvert can’t edit the order and a new order will be created instead.

Thank you page

Order settings allow you to decide how to handle thank you page upsells- you can add upsell items to the original order or create a new one.

Applies to the following widgets:
Product upsell
Product recommendations

To change order settings:
On your ReConvert dashboard go to Settings -> General Settings-> Order Settings

Please note the following:

The thank you page order editing can’t update the discount for an entire order - thus the discount will not apply to the upsell.
If the discount in the original order only applies to a specific product, then ReConvert can add a discount for the upsell upsell.
If the discount applies to the whole order ReConvert will not apply the discount to the upsell product.
When choosing to add items to an existing order, shipping will not be charged for these items.
When the payment status for an order is Payment Pending, you might be restricted from editing.

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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