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How to use the ReConvert dashboard

About the Dashboard

The Dashboard is your information management tool. You can use to track, analyze, and display key performance indicators, metrics, and data points on the app. Your dashboard the first thing you see when you log into the app, and we'll show you what you'll expect to see and how best to utilize this page.

This is a panorama of what the entire home dashboard looks like, we'll look at each section in detail.

Dashboard Features

1️⃣ Navigation Bar

This is an organized list of links to other pages within the app. Here's a rundown of the buttons:

Dashboard - lets you return to the dashboard
Funnels - from where you can manage your funnels
Thank you pages - from where you can manage your
Thank You Page templates
Product comments
Post purchase survey

Settings - from here you can access your general settings, the referral program, as well as the the latest customer activity report

Design store - We've collaborated with PageFly, an app that allows you to customize other pages in your store (that are not the Thank You Page).

2️⃣ 📊Analytics

This section lets you view the app's most important performance metrics as they relate to your store, such as:

How much the app has generated
How many of your offers have been accepted
Your conversion rate

3️⃣ 🔄Funnel management

This section allows you to manage your funnels.

Choose default funnel

The app comes with a default funnel, you can change it by selecting one from your list of funnels here.

Top funnels

You can see all the funnels you have created, as well as edit/duplicate/rename/delete (not the default funnel)/enable/disable/create a new funnel or explore pre-made funnels

4️⃣ ⚙Template management

This section lets you view and/or customize your Thank You Page templates.

You can see all the templates you have created, and take a variety of actions (edit/make default/preview/rename/duplicate/delete (not the default template)/view analytics/create a new or explore pre-made templates).

Top Thank you Pages

Here, you get to see a list of your Thank You Pages.

Element wise data

You have the option to see how each element on your thank you page is performing.

If you go to the Thank You Pages Section Click on actionsanalytics on a given thank you page, you can then scroll down and see "widget wise report" to see how each widget is performing.

5️⃣ 📃Latest activity

This section lets you view your customers' latest activity on ReConvert.

As you have seen, the dashboard aggregates data from multiple data sources. The dashboard isn’t just about saving time, but seeing all of your data together in one place, and ReConvert makes it a lot easier for you.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 03/10/2022

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