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How to use the Multi-Location inventory feature

This article will help you better understand the Multi-location feature in your Shopify store.

Please Note: The Multi-Location Inventory feature in ReConvert settings applies for both post-purchase (funnels) and for thank you page offers (except for the pop-up which takes the customer back to the store).

Accessing the Shopify settings

To manage your Multi-Location Inventory:
On your Shopify dashboard go to Settings -> Locations
Customize your locations as you need, set your Default location and your Location priority.
Watch this video on how to get to your Multi-location settings in Shopify.

To learn more about locations you can click on this link

How to find this setting?

On your ReConvert dashboard: Settings -> General Settings -> Multi-location Inventory

Watch this video to learn how to navigate & edit the Multi-location setting feature in ReConvert’s settings.

Multi-location inventory allows you to decide whether or not to display offers with products that are out of stock in 1 or more locations. This also prevents you from incurring additional shipping fees.

For example:
Your Shopify store has 2 warehouses (one in the USA and one in Germany).
If Product A is out of stock in Germany, customers in both Europe and the USA will not be able to order Product A from the warehouse in the USA.

Please note: ReConvert cannot determine the location the order will be shipped from (due to Shopify limitations).

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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