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How to use ReConvert's editor

ReConvert provides the best post-purchase tools for you to use on your Thank You (order status) Page. Our tools are meant to help you get the customer to buy more products whenever they return to check the status of their order. This tutorial will help you use the latest Thank You Page Builder (Version 3.0) so you can make the most of your customers' post-purchase experience!

How to create a new Thank You Page

You have 2 options from which to create a new template:

1️⃣ From The Thank You Pages section in the ReConvert Dashboard.

Click the Thank you Pages dropdown.

Scroll down and click Create New Page.

2️⃣ From the Funnel editor:

Thank You Page Settings

The order confirmation page consists of two main sections: right and left. There are some mandatory blocks which are embedded into the Shopify system and can’t be removed. There is, however, an option to change their positions and make some other modifications.

The Left area has four blocks

The Order number
The Order confirmation
Customer information
Continue shopping button

In the Right area has just one

Order summary

📝 NOTE: The color and styling of these blocks will change according to the checkout customizer settings in the template editor in Shopify.

The Top Bar

The Top Bar gives you with the following options:

Return to the Dashboard,
View The Template’s name
Mobile/Desktop View
Template Status (published or draft)
Save Changes.

The Control Panel

The Control Panel consists of 2 components:

The Left and Right area controls which let you add and edit blocks to the Thank You Page.

The General Settings section is where can add and edit the following features:

Order tracking
Pop-up with timer
Product comments
Magic designer

The Preview Area

In The Preview Area you are able to see all the changes you make directly, you also see all the sections you add in addition to Shopify’s mandatory sections. Play with all the features and locations until you reach your desired result.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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