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How to make changes to orders generated by ReConvert

As part of your administration and records keeping, you may want to add tags or notes, to orders generated or edited by ReConvert. We enable you to do this in the Order Actions setting.

You can use this section to:
Tag ReConvert orders.
Add order notes to orders edited/generated by ReConvert
Keep/hide conversion details to ReConvert orders.

Accessing order settings

1️⃣ On your ReConvert dashboard, click Settings and select General Settings

2️⃣ Scroll down to order actions

You will see the following options.

Order Notes

You can add any note you like & include the following dynamic tags:

Original order number
Original order link
Converting widget

Order Tags

Limited to 40 characters, you can tag orders generated by ReConvert with your own tags or include the following dynamic tags:

Original order number
Converting section (widget)

On-hold Tag

The On-hold status is initiated by Shopify for 1 hour on any order where the Post-purchase page was displayed. Tag orders with "on hold" when order status is on hold and "not on hold" when order status is not on hold

Conversion details

This option lets you choose whether or not to keep conversion data of orders generated by ReConvert in the Shopify order page.

In conclusion, using tags frees up your team’s valuable time to focus on more pressing concerns. Whatever you use them for, you can benefit from the use of tags to organize your online Shopify store.

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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