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How to integrate ReConvert with the product recommendations

Personalized Recommendations is a Shopify app that uses state of the art AI to look for patterns in user behavior and infer what customers are looking for. This insight is then used to show products most relevant to the buyer's need and intent.

The app looks into past order data and other behaviors like product views, additions to cart etc to infer user intent and needs.

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With the new ReConvert and Personalized Recommendations integration, you can display recommended products in the:

product upsell
product recommendations widget.
post-purchase upsell

You can set up the integration with just a few clicks, and start generating more conversions from your thank you page.

How To Enable the Integration

1️⃣ Go to your Thank you Page builder

Select Customize to open a thank you page

2️⃣ In the left area or right area menu , select add section and click**product recommendations** (remember, this feature is also available in the upsell section).

3️⃣ Open Product Options. In the Products to display drop-down, select Personalized Recommendations.

📝 NOTE: If you don't have Personalized Recommendations installed on your store yet, you'll see an install button that will take you to Personalized Recommendations app listing in the Shopify App Store.

4️⃣ Click the install button, which will be replaced by a Check status button. Once you've installed Personalized Recommendations on your store, you receive a success message.

The integration is seamless, so once you get an Integration activated message you're good to go.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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After completing these steps, product recommendations from the Rebuy algorithm will now be displayed on your thank you page!

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Updated on: 20/11/2022

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