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How to hide the widgets in thank you page

You can hide the thank you page upsell offers and thank you page widgets following these steps:

In ReConvert’s dashboard, scroll down to the “Top Thank You Pages” section.
Select the thank you page you want to edit by clicking the “Customize” button.
The thank you page will open and you can select which area (left and right) you’d like to hide the widgets from.
You can hide the widget by clicking on the eye icon.

You can also edit the thank you page through the funnel builder. To do this:

Choose a funnel from your app dashboard and click “Edit”.
Select the thank you page you want to edit.
Click the edit button and select the area you want to hide the widgets from.
Hide the widget by clicking the eye icon.

📝 NOTE: Only the thank you widgets can be hidden. If you want to hide upsell or downsell offers, they need to be deleted.
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Updated on: 19/04/2023

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