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How to display different funnels to different customers using conditions (triggers) | funnel segmentation.

Conditions (Triggers) allow you to display a different thank you page or funnel offer to your customers based on different criteria.

About Conditions (Triggers)

To create a new condition (trigger), you need to create a funnel. We've got a full article on using the ReConvert editor, but since funnels and conditions (triggers) are related, we'll cover more or less the same stuff below.

NOTE 📝: Conditions (Triggers) are the backbone of your funnels. It is conditions (triggers) that determine how your funnel works.

Setting up the Condition (Trigger)

After you choose your funnel name, you're taken to the funnel editor, and the first step is to make the condition (trigger).

Here is where the condition (trigger) will be in a full funnel page

You can hover over the condition (trigger) to see what parameters have been set.

You can also see the condition (trigger) parameters by hovering over the ? sign in the main dashboard.


The Category is the primary condition for funneling out your customers. There a 5 categories you can choose from. we'll go through each of them.

All orders
Customer information
Order details
Product purchased data
Other options

1️⃣ All Orders

If you select this parameter then every customer will be passed through your funnel.

2️⃣ Customer information option and its Parameters

Here's the dropdown with the options for the customer information parameter, we'll explain each of them.

Accepts marketing
Customer created date
First name
Last name (as above)
Number of orders
Phone number
Apartment, suite (as above)
Country (as above)
State/province (as above)
Zip code
Survey answers
Survey taken (yes/no)
Time since last order
Total items
Pays taxes (Pays tax/tax exempt)
Total revenue
Specific customers (is/is not)

3️⃣ Product Purchased Data and It's Parameters

Available at sales
Charge taxes
Compare at Price
Product Collection
Specific Product
HS (Harmonized System) Code
Inventory policy
Product description
Product price
Product tags
Product title
Product type
Product vendor
Inventory quantity
Variant name
Cost per item
Physical Product/Require Shipping

4️⃣ Order Details and its Parameters

Billing address
Billing apartment, suite, etc
Billing address first name
Billing address last name
Billing city
Billing country
Billing state/province
Billing zip code
Billing company
Discount code used
Total discount value
Fraud analysis
Fulfillment status
Order date
Order id
Order name
Order number
Order notes
Order tags
Order time
Order value
Payment method
Payment status
Refund value
Shipment status
Shipping address
Shipping apartment, suite, etc.
Shipping address first name
Shipping address last name
Shipping city
Shipping country
Shipping company
Shipping state/province
Shipping zip code
Shipping method
Shipping value
Sales channel
Tax value
Total items count
Tracking number
Timeline comments
Order status

5️⃣ Other Options and Their Parameters

Operating System
User impressions for this order
User impressions for all orders

Showing an offer depending on the product the customer has bought

Product purchased data > Specific product > At least one product > Is > your product.

Showing an offer set by on from which collection the customer has bought

Product purchased data > Product collection > At least one product > Is in collection > your collection.

Showing offer determined by the device from which the customer has placed the order

Other options > Device > Mobile

Showing a specific offer depending on order value
Order details > Order value > Is > Value

Showing an offer depending on your customer's language / multi-language offers
Order details > Language > Is > select here the language.

Once you are done setting up the condition (trigger) you can now go ahead and finish setting up the rest of the funnel

AND/OR Conditions

The AND and OR operators are used to filter records based on more than one condition:

The AND operator displays a record if all the conditions separated by AND are TRUE. In the example below, the funnel conditions (triggers) if the order contains a shirt AND a cup.

The OR operator displays a record if any of the conditions separated by OR is TRUE. In the example below, the funnel conditions (triggers) if the order contains a shirt OR a cup.

Funnel Priority

It is important to note that funnels are given priority according to how they are laid out on your funnel list.
So for example the funnel list laid out below would have the following priority.

Funnel name
Conversion Monster funnel
25% off upsell F

and so on..

You can drag each funnel to adjust its position

💡Tip: As you work on your conditions (triggers), it is best that you also create a variety thank you page templates which you can apply to each condition (trigger). When a condition (trigger) is activated, the relevant template will be shown to the customer.

And you're all set! from now the customers will see the funnel offer based on the conditions (triggers) you've set, and if they don't meet any of the conditions (triggers) you've configured, they'll see the default funnel offer.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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