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How to create & customize your post purchase upsell offers on Shopify using ReConvert editor

The offer editor is a part of ReConvert's new funnel feature, and allows you to create and edit your different offers from within the funnel editor. This article will go over how to use this editor.

Accessing the Offer Editor

The Offer Editor can be found on the Funnels Menu in the Reconvert Dashboard Click the Edit Option on your funnel of choice.

Choose the Edit option on the offer you would like to choose.

Offer editor consist of five main blocks, each of those blocks have their own settings and options.

The main blocks are:

Product options
Discount and shipping

Setting the Title for Your Offer

The Title menu lets you edit:
Offer name.
Offer title (with all the common text editing features.
Whether to display offer title above the offer or below the offer.

Product Options

The Product Options Menu gives you an extensive range of options:


After giving a name to the offer we’ll have to select which product to display. There are 8 options available:

πŸ“ NOTE:**Wiser recommendations, Personalized Recommendations, Rebuy Intelligent cross sell and Recomatic recommendation will only work if you have these apps installed in your store

πŸ“ NOTE: For Wiser recommendations, Personalized Recommendations, Rebuy Intelligent cross sell, Recomatic recommendation, Shopify recommendation available Loader text option. Product recommendations might take time to load. Use this text box to display a message while loading.

When selecting one of the 8 available options you can add "exclusion tags". If the product is tagged with an exclusion tag you can choose to either hide the featured product or to display an alternative product, if you choose to display an alternative product, you can select it manually.

Define exclusion tags ( optional )
Select what to do if a product is tagged with exclusion tags (skip offer or display alternative product)
Select alternative product.

Select specific product
Select what should happen if the product was already purchased
Select an alternative product (if that's the option you choose)

πŸ“ NOTE: If you selected to display alternative product but didn't choose which one exactly, section will not be displayed if specific product was in original order

The rest of the menu is described below:


Here you get to choose between:
Extra Large Size Upsell
Large Size Upsell

As part of your layout choices.


You can either leave the text box empty, whereupon the default product title will be displayed, or you can use the free text box to use a custom title.

Below the product title text box, a drop-down will allow you to choose whether to display the product title above or below the product image.

πŸ“ NOTE: Title position can only be changed on a large size section.

πŸ“ NOTE: We can only display simple text without any styling or html code.


Check the Display product description checkbox if you’d like the product description to be displayed as it is hidden by default. When you do so, another free text box will appear. Click import the description button to import the original description (not recommended if you have long product descriptions), if you’d like to create a custom product description, write it down in the free text box.


You can either use:
The first option - to display main or custom product image.
Or the second option - to display the secondary images in slideshow mode.


This section lets you enable/disable text on:
Sold out items,

πŸ“ NOTE: will be displayed only if the product is out of stock.

If checked, customers will be able to purchase multiple units of the featured product. When enabling the quantity option a small window will open, enabling you to change the text for the quantity picker title.

ENABLE VARIANT SELECTION - here you can enable/disable to display the variant selection blocks.

DISPLAY VENDOR - here you can enable/disable the option to display the product vendor.

πŸ“ NOTE: The discount feature only accepts automatic discounts (rather than premade discounts).
ReConvert will generate the discount for you, the customer will be redirected to the payment page at the checkout process (Skipping the cart, customer information and shipping method).

Discount Options

Discount Text
Discount Type
Discount Value:
Which is divided into
Percentage discount - will take X% off the new order.
Fixed amount per unit - will take $X off the new order for every unit he orders.
Fixed amount per order- will take $X off the new order, no matter how many items the customer purchase.
Only apply for order over $X

Shipping Details

In the shipping section you can manage the shipping text section and select the shipping option for customer.
In the shipping section you can offer 1 of 3 options:

Flat rate
Managed by Shopify

Price settings

We've added the option to display any combination of 3 different options, for each of them you can control the price color and size. By default, only the lowest price won't have strike-through:

Product compare price - will display the original compare to price from your Shopify store.
Product price - will display the original product price from your Shopify store.
Product price including discount - will display the product price after applying the discount you set up in the previous section (only apply for automatic discounts). Example: you chose a discount of 20% and the product costs $100 before the discount. On the thank you page the customer will see a price of $80.

Adding a Timer to Your Offer

Timer settings
When you add offer, the timer is automatically enabled, and, by default is set to 5 minutes.
If you do not need a timer, just uncheck the Add timer box.
The Settings are as follows

Timer Text
You can write whatever you want here. For example: the offer will expire in.
Display timer
Once per order - if the client accidentally reloads the thank you page, the timer will continue to count down where it left off. The same if the client left the page before the count down ends
Once per customer - after the timer has expired, the timer will no longer appear.
Timer Color

Duration Settings

Choose for how long your timer will expire. There are 4 options: days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Timer design & Position

You get to choose whether the timer or text appear above or below the section.


You get to edit your text, including changing the details to another language shorten or translate into another language days, hours, minutes and seconds.

πŸ“ NOTE: if you keep all text fields empty we'll display a ":" sign between the days, hours, minutes and seconds

Expiry settings

When the timer expires, you can choose to either:

Do nothing - nothing will happen, the text you wrote will appear, and the timer will simply disappear, but the product will still be available with a discount.
Remove discount - the discount will simply be removed and the product will be displayed at the regular price.
Move to next offer - after the time expires, the section will move to next offer.

Timer expired message
There is also a field for a message that your customers will see when the time expires. And the Preview Live / Expired Offer button, depending on what you click.

Adjusting the Call to Action on Your Recommendation Offer

Button settings

You can edit the appearance, text and position of the:
Accept button
Decline button

Amending Button Text

You can amend the button text, by following this walkthrough video guide:-

Video Demonstration - Button Text Changing on Post Purchase Upsell

Here is a screenshot of the steps to take:-

That's all there is to learn about using the Offer Editor. Just don't forget to hit the save button when you're all done !

Well, that’s a wrap!

If this article did not solve your issue, our support team is available for you 24/7, just click the live chat button at the bottom-right corner of this page.

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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