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How to add the ReConvert checkout sections and upsells to your Shopify checkout

Add your ReConvert sections and upsells to the Shopify Checkout Editor

Once you've created all the sections you need in the ReConvert Editor, and feel ready to launch them for customers, you need to take one last step- add them to the Shopify checkout editor.

Important: if you didn't complete Step 1 of creating the sections in ReConvert, you won't be able to complete this guide.

Add ReConvert sections to your Shopify checkout

You can easily find the Shopify checkout editor from the ReConvert Editor, by clicking the button at the bottom of the left menu:

Navigate to the Shopify checkout editor
Once you land on the Shopify checkout editor, you will notice that the Shopify checkout left menu and the ReConvert Editor left menu contain the same page items- these represent the location on the page:

Left menu
To add your ReConvert section to your checkout, click on Add app at the bottom of the left menu, and select the ReConvert app block

Add ReConvert upsells to the checkout
Once the ReConvert app block is added, you can drag and drop it to the right location on the page

To add your ReConvert checkout section to your checkout, you need to add it to the same location you selected in the ReConvert Editor. For example: if you add your upsell below the Items in cart location in ReConvert, you need to add it below the Items in cart location in the Shopify checkout editor:

We recommend adding the ReConvert app blocks to all checkout sections, to avoid having to go back to the Shopify checkout editor every time you'd like to make changes. If you haven't added the ReConvert block to a location at checkout, customers will not see the checkout upsell offer even if you've created it in the ReConvert Editor.

Drag ReConvert upsell
IMPORTANT: Some locations are dynamic locations- for these, you need to also select the location from the dropdown menu at the right side menu. When adding the ReConvert app block, click the dropdown and see if the location you selected shows up there. If it does, make sure to select it, otherwise the ReConvert upsell will not show up

Dynamic locations
We know this part can be a little confusing, so if you're not sure if you need to select a location or not, reach out to our support at, or through the live chat at the bottom right of the page, and we'd be happy to help.

Repeat this process for each section you've added in the ReConvert Editor

Click Save and you're live!

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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