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How to add images & text to your Shopify thank you page with ReConvert

The web is going visual, and ecommerce is following in its footsteps. Our brains are hardwired to pay attention to images, and Reconvert has given you just the right tool to do so! The Image with Text widget allows you to add an image on our thank you page that can be accompanied by text.

There's lots of ways you can use this widget. Why not add your portrait and a thank you message for new customers? Alternatively, you could showcase user generated content to reduce post-purchase dissonance? The only limit is your imagination.

Adding the Widget

To add the widget,

1️⃣ Access your Page Builder from your Thank You Page Menu. You can also access your page builder using the funnel editor

2️⃣ Go to the left area or right area menu on your Page Builder

3️⃣ Click Add Section

4️⃣ Select Image With Text and click Add

Widget Menu

You have a section for adding and deleting the image.

Shift image alignment between left, right & center using the dropdown menu

Image layout can be either square or round.

Image redirect URL

You can redirect your image to a URL, which you can paste in this section.

Text Editing Features
With the text editing features you get to:
Use the Bold, Underline, Italic and Strikethrough options.
Change the format and size.
Change the text’s color and background.
Change the font. Use a link.
Change the alignment.
Insert a horizontal line

Demonstration of the free Text Features

Well, that’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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