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How to add a reorder button to your Shopify thank you page with ReConvert

This is a super powerful widget that can help you turn one sale into two and send your profit margins through the roof

What is a Reorder button?

The reorder button lets you offer customers an opportunity to make the exact same order again. This can be accompanied by a discount, but you can also choose not use a discount.

💡 TIP: This button works well with food stores. For example: Someone just bought a pizza from your pizza place > They are then taken to the Thank You page, where the reorder option offers them another pizza for 20% off. Hungry customers are very likely to comply. 🍕

Adding the Button

1️⃣ Go to either the left area or right area menus on your Reconvert Dashboard.
2️⃣ Click Add Section, and you will see a list of sections to choose from.
3️⃣ Choose Reorder and click the Add button to add it.

📝 NOTE: Since the customer’s information would've been captured at the first transaction, the reorder button will skip that stage and go directly to the payment page.

The reorder element has all the free text features and some additional ones:

Discount type - Offering discounts in terms of percentages or flat rate
Discount value (keep at 0 to provide no discount). You can also apply free shipping option.
The reorder button text, text color, button color and alignment

Reorder Button Menu

Well, that’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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