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How to use ReConvert's funnel editor

A funnel starts when an order is being completed & is built out of:
A condition (trigger) - configure in which orders the funnel will be displayed too.
A set of 2, one-click post-purchase upsell offers.
An optimized thank you page.

The default funnel called the "Conversion Monster". It is optimized for high conversion and packed with our most successful offers, based on results from over 30,000 stores using ReConvert. ReConvert has created the Funnel Editor from which you can set conditions (triggers) that can give customers different offers depending on different criteria. We'll give you a rundown on how you can use the funnel editor to best optimize the experience.

Creating a Funnel

1️⃣ To create your first funnel head over to the app's dashboard and click 'Funnels' button.

2️⃣ Click the Create a new funnel button.

You can also create a new funnel from the Top Funnels section on your dashboard

A new popup will open and will allow you to select one of the premade templates or create a new one.

3️⃣ If you choose to create a new template, you'll be presented with the screen below.

You can rename the funnel before you start, by double-clicking funnel name at the top-left.

Conditions (Triggers)

The first part of your funnel is called a Condition .Conditions (Triggers) allow you to display a different thank you page or funnel offer to your customers based on different criteria. You can choose to either display a thank you page or an offer, we recommend that you add a post-purchase offer before the thank you page. In the condition (trigger) below, we've set the funnel to select customers that accept marketing. For What's Next We'll choose to offer them an Upsell


After you set your condition (trigger), you need to prepare your offers. To find out more about how to edit your offers, read here on How to Use the Offer Editor

If the customer declines the offer they will be offered a downsell. A downsell is an offer what will be displayed to the customer in the event that they declined the first upsell offer.

If they accept the offer you can either display another upsell or send them to the Thank You Page

4️⃣ You can also choose to turn the funnel on/off before you leave the funnel editor. More importantly, you have to save the funnel before leaving this page. If you had already created other thank you pages prior to this, you're going to be able to either select an existing thank you or create a new one, which will open the option to use our pre-made thank you page template.

Here's a link to an article on using the Thank you Page Builder

Note 📝: You can only present two offers in the funnel editor, before the customer is led to the Thank You Page.

Back on the Funnels page, you can use the toggle to choose whether or not to publish the funnel, which, when published, goes live.

The dropdown menu gives you the options to:

Delete the funnels

Note: 📝 The default funnel cannot be deleted as it comes with the app. If you want to turn it off, you'd have to delete all the offers and just leave the thank you page.

Offer Analytics

You can click the drop-down on each offer in order to view the offer analytics.

The offer analytics enable you to see:

Discount - The discount set on the offer.
Timer - What the timer has been set to.
Impressions - How many times the offer has been viewed.
Accepted - How many times the offer has been accepted.
Declined - How many times the offer has been declined.
Pending - How many offers are pending, meaning, customers are currently viewing these offers and didn't either accept, decline, or closed the offer.
Revenue - How much revenue the offer has generated for you.
Closed - How many times the offer has been closed. An offer is considered closed if the timer ran out of time without action, if the customer closed the tab, or if he click the "view order status page" link at the top of the page, this link is mandatory by Shopify.

Deleting Offers

You can click the trash icon to delete the offers, whether you want to remove or replace them.

Fallback Thank You Page

The fallback thank you page is at the bottom-left corner of your funnel editor. It will be shown to the customer in case any restrictions by Shopify prevent the customer from viewing what you intend them to.

When you're all done, this is what a full funnel would look like.

Funnel Priority

Funnels are given priority according to their position on the funnel list. Basically, the funnel at the top will be given priority, then the second, and so on. Make sure to sort your funnels by priority, since only 1 funnel can be displayed for each order. We recommend adding a default funnel with the parameter "all orders" to catch orders that don't fall under a specific condition (trigger.)

Well, that’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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