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How to customize your Shopify thank you page with ReConvert


The thank you page builder provides you with tools which are meant to help you get the customer to buy more products whenever they return to check the status of their order. When you install the app, it comes with a default template, also called the Conversion Monster. You can read more about the thank you page builder here

When you first install the app, you are guided on how to set up your default funnel.

Creating the thank you page

Once you publish it, you are taken to the funnel editor, here's what the funnel editor looks like on the default conversion monster funnel.

Funnel editor with thank you pages highlighted

After clicking to add a thank you page, you get a dropdown to either create a blank thank you page, or use the conversion monster template.

To edit your thank you pages:

Click the Thank You Pages dropdown as seen below.

Select Customize to open a thank you page.

NOTE 📝 You can also access the Thank You Page from the Funnel Editor

Once you are in the page builder, you can follow this page builder guide or follow the video on the top left of the page. Once you're done, make sure to Save and go Back to the Dashboard

5️⃣ In the dashboard, Enable the app and your first thank you page is published! Now your thank you page can work for you and generate sales

Dashboard Menu

Your dashboard will be divided into a few sections:
Main navigation menu - navigate between ReConvert main pages by using navigation menu buttons
Template management - view your default template, create a new template and explore pre-made templates
View your list of templates - see all non-default templates you have created
Analytics - view all the important data of ReConvert's performance in your store, and see how each widget preforms
Latest activity - view latest activity customers have taken in your ReConvert thank you pages

💡 TIP: Keep optimizing your thank you page to get the best results possible.

Explore the app's advanced features:
Triggers - create costume thank you pages according to specific rules and parameters
Post purchase upsell best practices
Explore our integrations

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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