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You can view advanced analytics data for specific template by clicking 'Actions' and select 'Analytics' from the dropdown menu.

On the 'Analytics' page you will see the name of the template with the last saved date/time and the 'Exit' analytics page button

Detailed analytics:

Date picker - select date/period (default: last 30 days)
Revenue generated by the app - the percentage represents ReConvert's addition to your store's orders
Accepted offers - the percentage represents ReConvert's addition to your store's orders
ROI - return on investment from ReConvert: (revenue generated by the app / last payment for the app) *100)
ReConvert orders AOV - average order value from ReConvert
Total store orders - total number of orders placed in your store for selected period of time
Thank you page impressions - this number is higher than store orders, since customers come back to this page from transactional emails (order confirmation, shipping updates, etc)
Thank you page conversion rate - the percentage of people who purchased out of the number of visitors to the thank you page: (number of purchases from the page / number of impressions to the page) *100
Bounce rate - percentage of people who left the thank you page without taking any additional action
Birthdays collected - number of customer birthdays collected using the birthday collector widget
Product comments collected - number of product comments collected using the product comments widget
Surveys answered - number of post-purchase surveys answers collected using the post-purchase survey widget

💡 TIP: You can view description by hovering cursor on the 'tip' element

Element wise data:

Element - name of the element
Impression - number of impressions
Clicks - number of clicks
Accepted offers - number of accepted offers
Revenue - amount of revenue
Conversions - number of conversions
CTR - click-through rate
CVR - conversion rate

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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