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What are slots and widgets? | Wix

What are slots and widgets?

In this article, you will understand what widgets and slots are, how they work, and how to use them.

First, some definitions:

Slots- these are containers of one or more widgets, placed in a specific location on a store page (for example: below the products in the cart on the checkout page).

Widgets- these are specific elements that can be added to a slot and through that to a page (for example: product upsell, product recommendations, etc).

Next, let's understand the hierarchy:

Conditions are placed inside pages
Slots are created inside conditions, each slot represents a specific location on the page
Widgets are grouped inside slots

Each slot can contain one or more widgets.

When you install ReConvert on your Wix store, your checkout slot is automatically added and placed on your Wix checkout pages.

Note: currently in Wix, you can only add one slot which is automatically added to your checkout page when you activate ReConvert. Once the platform allows it, you will be able to create multiple slots in multiple locations.

Adding widgets to your slot

In a new condition (or an empty default condition), click your empty slot, and than click Add widgets:

The ReConvert Editor will open up automatically, with a product upsell widget added to the slot.

In the editor, you can manage the widgets in the slot. You can edit the pre-created widget, remove it, add new widgets, etc.

An unlimited number of widgets can be added to each slot, but take into account that all of the widgets added to a specific slot will be added and grouped together on the page.

Once you finish editing your widgets, you can save them and exit the editor back to the Flow Builder.

You will be redirected back to the specific conditions you create the slot in, and you will now see the slot you've just edited and the widgets card attached to it:

By clicking on the widgets card, you can edit or delete it, view analytics, and turn it on and off.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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