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Price and discount block Wix

# Price and Discount Block

The price & discount block allows you to adjust the price view and the offer's discount. These settings are optional, and you can disable some of them.


Apply Discount checkbox will give you the choice of the following Discount types

Percentage discount
Fixed amount per unit
Fixed amount per per entire order

The Fixed amount discount types have the option to Apply discount only for orders over certain value

NOTE : Only one coupon code can be added to an order, the event that there is a conflict, these the options are

Show the upsell without a discount
Use the larger discount at the checkout
Override existing discount
Don't show upsell


You have the following price options. Please note at least one should be enabled:

1) Show highest and lowest price
2)Display the product compare to price
3)Display the original product price
4)Display product price including discount.

Each of these are able to change in size.

Medium (Default)

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Updated on: 18/08/2023

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