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ReConvert checkout blocks


These are the building blocks of sections in the checkout editor- they can be added to the checkout pages only by being added to a section.

This article goes over the available blocks in ReConvert, and their options.

* Image
* Description
* Product details
* Price and discount
* Button
* Variant picker
* Quantity picker

Image block

The image block has the following settings:

Image fit - choose to either cover or contain the product image.
Image to display - has an option to set main product image or a custom image.
Change image according to the selected variant - you can enable/disable this option.

Product details block

The product details block has the following options:

Product title - this will allow you to display an alternative product title (instead of the default product title)
Subtitle - you can select any option from the following list:

Selected variant title
Product vendor
Product type
Custom text
None/hide the section

Description block

The product details block has 3 following options:

Display product description - here you can enable/disable product description display.
Display alternative product description - choose wether to display the default product description or display a custom product description.
Collapsible description - make the description collapsible. You can also set the default state of the description (collapsed or expanded).

Price and discount block

The price & discount block allow you to adjust the price view and the offer's discount. These settings are optional, and you can disable some of them. You have the following price options:

Display product compare to price
Display original product price
Display product price including discount

You can set a specific size of the pricing to any price option:


The discount checkbox allow you to provide:

Percentage discount on the upsell product
Fixed amount per unit on the upsell product

Button block

The button block allows you to add the option to change:

Button view
Button text

Variant picker block

The variant picker block allow you to enable or disable the variant picker in the upsell widget.

Quantity picker block

The quantity picker block allows you to enable or disable the quantity picker to your upsell product. It has the following options:

Display quantity picker - enable/disable quantity picker.
Default quantity - set the default quantity that will be offered to purchase.
Set min quantity - set a minimum quantity of units a customer will be able to purchase.
Set max quantity - set a maximum quantity of units that customer will be able to purchase.

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Updated on: 19/10/2022

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