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How to use the ReConvert editor

How to use the ReConvert editor

The ReConvert editor allows you to create and edit a variety of widgets across all pages of your store.

For your convenience, the editor will be the same editor across the app, and only some of the available options and the preview will change for some pages.

In this article, you will get familiar with the editor, and be able to get started creating and editing your widgets.

The 4 sections of the ReConvert editor

The ReConvert editor is built very similarly to the Flow Builder- it has 3 main parts and a top bar which we will consider the 4th part.

The sidebar

The sidebar is located on the left of the page, and it is where you can see all of your widgets and manage them.

The sidebar

On the sidebar you can:

Add new widgets by clicking on the Add widget button:

Add widget

Drag widgets to the top or bottom of other widgets by hovering over them, pressing the 6 dots, and dragging them to the desired location:

Drag widgets

Navigate to the editing menu of each widget

Clicking on a widget or on a block inside a widget will open that widget's editing menu on the actions menu, where you can change that widget's settings:

Chooseing a widget

The actions menu

This is the menu on the right side of the page.

This menu is used to edit and control the settings of the widgets you've created:

Actions menu

You can open the editing menu for each element in the editor by clicking it:

Actions menu settings

You can delete any widget by clicking the Remove widget button when it is selected:

Remove widget

Lastly, to learn how to use this menu for each one of your widgets, simply click the widget and click the help article at the top of the menu:

Help article

Preview section

The preview section is the largest section in the middle of the page- this is where you can see what your widgets will look like, their order, and the differences you make when playing with their settings:

Preview section

Other than previewing your widgets, you can also select any of the widgets in the preview to select in the sidebar and open its menu in the actions menu:

Selecting items in the preview

The top bar

The top bar is a general actions bar for the page:

Top bar

In the top bar you can:

Save your changes:


Turn these widgets on/off- when they are turned off, they will not show up for the customers


Redo and Undo your most recent changes:


Switch between mobile and desktop preview:


View the help article for this page:

Help article

View the status of this widgets group- Live/Draft:


View and change the name of this widgets group- you can change the name by double-clicking it:

Widgets group name

Exit back to the Flow Builder page:


Updated on: 22/05/2024

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