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Option picker block | Wix

The option picker block allows your customers to select which product option to buy.

1. Display option picker checkbox

When this checkbox is unchecked, the customers will only be able to purchase your product's default option, as it is defined in your store.

When checked, an option picker will be added to the offer, and with it a few new settings.

2. Default selected option

This dropdown allows you to define the default option selected in this widget:

Default selected option dropdown

First option: the first option of the product will be pre-selected
None: if selected, no default option is selected, and the customer must manually choose one

If you selected "none" in the dropdown, you will need to define two additional settings:

Option picker label text- this is the text displayed for the variant picker field
Error message- the message shown if the customer didn't select an option before clicking the button

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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