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How to Change Button Color, Style and Typography of your Store's Checkout, Post Purchase, Thank You and Order Status Pages | Shopify

How to Change Button Color, Style, and Typography of Your Store's Checkout, Post Purchase, Thank You, and Order Status Pages | Shopify

This guide will help you easily adjust the color and style of your checkout and post-purchase areas in ReConvert to match your store's theme.

Note:- due to Shopify limitations, you will not be able to change button colors on checkout pages in ReConvert itself, because Shopify limits such changes to keep checkout branding cohesive.

ReConvert's post-purchase app will automatically take your colors and typography from your Shopify checkout settings. This article will show how to change these settings. Once those changes have been made, ReConvert will automatically display these changes in the ReConvert editor.

Steps to Customize Button Color and Typography

Click Settings (Shopify)

Click Checkout, then Customize

Click the Gear icon

Scroll down to Color. Here you can:
Change the button color to match your store's theme or any preferred color
Change the color of error messages and accentuated colors

Adjust Typography:
Change the font for headings and body text to align with your store's theme

Live Preview:
See your changes in the live preview on the right-hand side

Save Your Changes:
Click Save in the top right-hand corner

Confirm Changes are Visible:
Go to your store's page
Refresh the browser (you may need to clear the cache)
Check that the changes are applied across all areas: checkout page, post-purchase page(s), thank you page, and order status page

You now have a fully branded flow! More conversions here we come!

That’s a wrap!

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Updated on: 13/06/2024

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